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Credit Calculator

User Guide for the Credit Calculator

Step 1: Select the type of credit

  1. Choose the type of credit you are interested in from the dropdown menu at the top of the form. You can select one of three options:
    • Consumer Credit
    • Mortgage Credit
    • Auto Credit

Step 2: Fill in the basic calculation data

  1. Fill in the basic fields that appear after selecting the type of credit:
    • Repayment of the credit in equal parts (annuity): Specify whether you want to repay the credit in equal installments over the term of the credit.
    • Type of collateral: Choose the type of collateral you are providing, for example, real estate, car, or other.
    • Date of credit issuance: Specify the date you plan to receive the credit.
    • Term of the credit (months): Enter the number of months for which you are taking the credit.
    • Amount of the credit (USD): Enter the total amount of credit you want to receive.
    • Interest rate (%): Specify the annual interest rate for the credit.

Step 3: Bank commissions

  1. Specify the bank’s commissions, which include:
    • RKO (cash management service): Enter the percentage of the credit amount taken once.
    • Credit arrangement: Enter the percentage for credit arrangement.
    • Credit servicing, monthly: Choose whether the commission will be a percentage of the credit balance or of the initial amount, and specify the percentage.
    • Credit servicing, annually: Similarly to the monthly commission, specify the annual commission.

Step 4: Other expenses

  1. Fill in the fields for other expenses, such as:
    • Notary services (USD)
    • Value of collateral (USD)
    • Insurance of the collateral (% of the collateral value)
    • Services for registering the collateral (USD)
    • Property appraisal services (USD)

Step 5: Calculation

  1. Press the “Calculate” button to see the results of your credit calculator. You will see:
    • Monthly payment
    • Total amount of payments on the credit
    • Total amount of interest
    • Monthly credit servicing fee (if applicable)

General Tips

  • Ensure all data is entered correctly. Incorrect data entry can lead to erroneous calculations.
  • Use the calculator several times for different scenarios to understand how changing one parameter affects the overall picture of payments.