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How Much Water To Drink a Day Calculator Online

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Water Drink Day Calculator Online

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How to Use the Daily Water Intake Calculator

This calculator helps you determine how much water you need to drink each day, taking into account your weight, gender, level of physical activity, weather conditions, and consumption of certain foods. Here are the steps for using the calculator:

  1. Enter your weight in kilograms in the “Your weight in kg” field. This will help determine the basic fluid needs of your body.
  2. Select your gender from the dropdown list. This affects the calculation, as fluid needs can differ between males and females.
  3. Enter the amount of weight loss during exercise in grams in the “Weight loss during exercise in g” field. This will account for the fluid you need to replenish after physical activity.
  4. Indicate if the weather is hot by checking the corresponding checkbox. This will affect the additional water requirement due to high air temperature.
  5. Specify how much time you spend outdoors in hours in the “Time spent outdoors in hours” field. This will allow for accounting for additional fluid needs when outside in hot weather.
  6. Enter the amount of consumed soups, milk, juices, and fruits in grams in the respective fields. These data are used to adjust the overall water requirement:
    • Soups reduce the water requirement by half of their weight.
    • Milkjuices, and fruits add additional fluid to the total water amount, calculated as one third of the weight for milk and juices and one quarter for fruits.
  7. Click the “Calculate” button to see the result. The result will be displayed under the button and will show the minimum and maximum recommended amount of fluid to consume in milliliters.

Table of the amount of water per kilogram of weight

Weight (kg) Daily Water Intake for Males (ml) Daily Water Intake for Females (ml)
40 1200 1240
50 1500 1550
60 1800 1860
70 2100 2170
80 2400 2480
90 2700 2790
100 3000 3100
110 3300 3410
120 3600 3720
130 3900 4030
140 4200 4340
150 4500 4650

Use this calculator daily to determine the optimal amount of fluid to maintain your body’s health and hydration under various conditions and circumstances.