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What do Fish Represent in Dreams?

До Чого Сниться Риба

Dreams about fish can be vivid and memorable, reflecting the deep emotions and experiences that lie in our subconscious. This symbol plays a key role in dreams because fish is an ancient and powerful symbol in many cultures and traditions, reflecting various aspects of our lives. It can symbolize wealth, health, rebirth, or, on the contrary, warn of wastefulness or deception. The interpretation of a dream about a fish varies considerably depending on the context of the dream, its type, the actions that occur with the fish, and the personal associations of the dreamer. By considering these nuances, we can uncover the hidden meaning of a dream and understand how it reflects on our inner state or life circumstances.

According to Freud’s dream book

In Sigmund Freud’s approach to dream interpretation, fish are often associated with subconscious emotional states and sexual desires. The famous psychoanalyst believed that dreams about fish can reflect deep psychological processes that occur at the subconscious level. Here are some key interpretations:

  • A large fish symbolizes significant but unconscious desires. It can be an indicator of deeply hidden sexual desires that you do not recognize or suppress.
  • Catching fish may indicate seeking or discovering new sexual opportunities or partners. It can also symbolize a desire to explore one’s own sexuality.
  • Pisces swimming in clear water is often associated with emotional purity and the ability to express sexual feelings freely without fear or guilt.
  • A dead fish may represent lost sexual opportunities or fears related to sexual inability or impotence.

Freud believed that fish in dreams could also symbolize maternal aspects, especially in the context of water, which is often associated with femininity and motherhood. Thus, fish in dreams may indicate an interaction with subconscious aspects of the personality associated with maternal images or the feminine in general.

According to Miller’s dream book

In Gustav Miller’s dream book, fish are supposed to symbolize harbingers of change and new beginnings in the sleeper’s life. According to his interpretation, seeing fish in a dream, especially in large numbers or in a pond, can promise success in business, wealth, and prosperity. If the fish is alive and looks healthy, it indicates well-being and harmony in your personal life.

However, if the fish is dead or sick, such a dream can portend disappointment or loss. It is also important to pay attention to the actions you perform with fish in your dream. For example, catching fish can symbolize trying to catch luck or catching success, while feeding fish can indicate your concern for loved ones or projects that you care about.

According to the dream book of Vanga

In the eyes of Vanga, a Bulgarian seer known for her accurate prophecies, dreams about fish have a deep symbolic meaning. She believed that fish in dreams are a messenger of important messages from the subconscious that are key to the future life of the sleeper. To dream of a bright and large fish can symbolize the coming of significant changes or receiving important news that can radically change your life.

Wang also paid attention to the color of the fish: bright colors such as gold or silver can promise prosperity and success, while dark colors warn of possible difficulties or trials. If you dream of fishing, it may indicate your efforts to achieve goals that will soon be rewarded.

According to the Hippocratic Dream Book

In a tradition that dates back to antiquity, Hippocrates, the great physician of the ancient world, attached special importance to dreams as a mirror of a person’s physical and emotional state. He believed that dreams about fish could be a reflection of the internal balance or imbalance in the sleeper’s body.

According to the Hippocratic Dream Book, if you dream that you are watching a fish in the water, it can symbolize harmony and health, showing that your body is in balance. On the contrary, a dream in which the fish is dead or looks unhealthy may be a warning of possible health problems or an internal imbalance that should be addressed.

Hippocrates also emphasized the importance of the context and details of the dream, such as the condition of the water in which the fish is located, its species, and behavior, as all these elements can provide additional clues to understanding the health and emotional well-being of the dreamer. Thus, a dream about fish in the Hippocratic interpretation serves not only as a symbol but also as a tool for self-diagnosis, encouraging a deeper understanding of one’s inner state.

According to the dream book of Nostradamus

In his prophecies and dream interpretations, Nostradamus, the famous French astrologer and mystic, attached great importance to symbolism and hidden messages. He believed that dreams about fish have a profound prophecy and can indicate future events on a global scale or in an individual’s life.

According to the dream book of Nostradamus, seeing a fish in a dream can symbolize impending changes that will have far-reaching consequences. If the fish appears in bright light or is large in size, it may portend significant events that will bring new opportunities or challenges. Such dreams may call for preparation or rethinking of your place in the world and your goals.

Nostradamus also paid attention to the details and context of the dream, particularly where and how the fish appears. For example, a dream in which a fish swims against the current can symbolize the need to confront challenges or the flow of events in order to achieve significant success. The perception of the fish in the dream is also important: whether it evokes fear, admiration, or other emotions, as it can indicate an individual’s attitude towards upcoming changes or challenges.

Depending on what kind of fish you dream about

Dreams about fish open up a wide range of symbolic meanings, each of which provides a unique interpretation depending on the type of fish and its condition. When interpreting a dream, it is important to pay attention to the details, because they determine the depth and essence of the messages that the subconscious mind is trying to convey.

  • White fish means purity of intentions, a new beginning.
  • Blue symbolizes calmness, emotional balance.
  • Gold indicates unexpected wealth, success.
  • Red warns of passions, possible conflicts.
  • Blue is associated with deep wisdom, intuition.
  • Black reminds of unresolved problems, secrets.
  • The colored portends joyful events, a variety of life situations.
  • The toothy serves as a warning of potential threats or enemies.
  • A large symbolizes great opportunities or challenges.
  • Pickled indicates the need to rethink past experiences.
  • The flying symbolizes the desire to break out of the usual circle, the desire for freedom.
  • Beautiful reflects harmony, inner satisfaction.
  • A dead warns of losses, the end of a stage.
  • Small means small joys or small worries.
  • A long indicates a long life journey or process.
  • The sea symbolizes the unknown, the depth of emotions.
  • A spoiled warns of the negative consequences of ignoring problems.
  • Ready reflects completeness, readiness for new beginnings.
  • The unfrozen symbolizes a reboot, new opportunities after a period of stagnation.
  • The Giving Birth indicates creativity, the birth of new ideas.
  • The eloquent symbolizes the importance of communication, exchange of ideas.
  • Transparent reflects honesty, transparency of intentions.
  • Baked in the oven means warm family relationships, home comfort.
  • Rotten warns of ignoring internal problems that can lead to destruction.
  • A cleansed reflects readiness for new beginnings, preparation for the future.
  • Exotic symbolizes unusual events or meetings.
  • The eviscerated warns of the loss of essence, ignoring the inner world.
  • Stuffed indicates external attractiveness, but possible emptiness inside.
  • Raw symbolizes primitiveness, unadorned reality.
  • Scary reflects inner fears and anxieties.
  • A bold indicates wealth, but also potential laziness or complacency.
  • With worms, warns of hidden health or mental problems.
  • With caviar symbolizes the potential for development, new opportunities.
  • With maggots indicates the decomposition of ideas, projects.
  • Without a head warns of loss of leadership, disorientation.

Depending on where the fish is in the dream

The place where the fish appears in your dream is key to understanding its symbolic message. Each location provides unique shades of interpretation, which helps you to understand the subconscious signals more deeply.

  • In a jar, means limited opportunities or feelings of confinement.
  • In a pool, symbolizes a controlled emotional environment.
  • In the bathroom indicates a need for cleansing or personal renewal.
  • In the oven emphasizes the process of transformation or “preparation” for new beginnings.
  • In a store, symbolizes a choice or decision to be made.
  • In the sea, means endless possibilities or a depth of emotion.
  • In the freezer, indicates repressed feelings or postponed plans.
  • In a package, symbolizes that important aspects of life are “packed” or suppressed.
  • In a river, emphasizes the natural flow of life or feeling.
  • In a bag, denotes personal or hidden resources.
  • In the basin, symbolizes restriction or withdrawal of emotions.
  • In the toilet indicates the need to get rid of unnecessary or harmful things.
  • In pure water, emphasizes the purity of thoughts or emotions.
  • In the refrigerator, denotes the preservation of or the need for attention to health.
  • In packaging, symbolizes readiness for new beginnings or changes.
  • In ice, indicates frozen emotions or delayed action.
  • On the shore emphasizes the moment of transition or change of states.
  • On earth, means reality, pragmatism in approaches.
  • In the marketplace, symbolizes social interactions or “bargaining” in life.
  • On the table, emphasizes what is “served” or what you are ready to “swallow”.
  • In the frying pan, means actively processing ideas or situations.
  • On a plate, symbolizes readiness to accept new experiences or changes.

Depending on what kind of fish you dreamed of

Depending on what kind of fish you dreamed of

The symbolism of a dream about fish varies significantly depending on the type of fish that appeared in your dream. Each type of fish carries unique meanings and clues to interpretation, helping you to understand more deeply the message that the subconscious mind is trying to convey.

  • Shark means a strong enemy or threat.
  • Crucian carp symbolizes small happiness or joy.
  • Salmon indicates endurance, the pursuit of goals.
  • The Whale denotes great challenges or opportunities in life.
  • Piranha symbolizes small but numerous troubles.
  • Goldfish indicates the fulfillment of desires, good luck.
  • Tuna means speed, efficiency in actions.
  • The Swordfish symbolizes struggle, aggression or defense.
  • The stingray indicates the need to look at the situation from a different angle.
  • Dolphin (although not a fish, but often associated with them in dreams) symbolizes friendship, intelligence, harmony with the environment.
  • The moray eagle means hidden danger, deception.
  • Catfish indicates strength, endurance and adaptability.
  • The clownfish symbolizes the need for protection, the search for security.
  • Baracuda means aggressiveness, perseverance in achieving a goal.

Depending on the actions in the dream

The interpretation of a dream about fish largely depends on the actions that occur in the dream. Each action carries a certain message and can give the keys to understanding the subconscious processes, emotional state or life circumstances of the sleeper.

  • To fish means to try to capture or achieve something important in life.
  • Feeding the fish symbolizes care, concern for loved ones or your own projects.
  • Eating fish indicates the acquisition of new knowledge, ideas or life experience.
  • Releasing a fish means letting go of old hurts, situations, or relationships.
  • To look at a fish symbolizes reflection, introspection or the search for inner harmony.
  • To kill a fish indicates a desire to get rid of something unwanted or to solve a problem.
  • Buying fish means investing in the future, using resources to achieve goals.
  • Throwing away a fish symbolizes giving up something that no longer serves your interests.
  • To lose a fish indicates missed opportunities or disappointment in certain aspects of life.
  • To move a fish denotes a change of career, transition, or new endeavor.
  • To take care of a fish symbolizes the need to pay attention to your own emotional needs or the needs of others.
  • To see a dead fish indicates the end of a phase, a loss, or the need to revise plans.

Depending on the number of fish

The number of fish that appear in a dream can be a significant indicator of events, emotions, or prospects that await the dreamer in real life. It is important to pay attention to this aspect because it plays a key role in dream interpretation.

  • A single fish represents a unique opportunity or special event.
  • Two fish symbolize balance, partnership, or a choice between two paths.
  • Few fish indicate modest achievements or the need to focus efforts.
  • Lots of fish denotes abundance, abundance or wealth of opportunities.
  • Countless fish symbolize overwhelm, a possible feeling of being lost among a large number of options or information.


Each dream is unique and requires an individual approach to interpretation. It can be a clue from the subconscious that helps you better understand your inner state, emotions, desires, and fears. Thus, dreams about fish open up the possibility for self-knowledge and comprehension of one’s own life path.

By paying attention to the symbolism of dreams, you can not only better understand yourself, but also find clues to solve current problems or achieve greater harmony in life. Therefore, treat your dreams as a valuable source of intuition and inner wisdom.