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Will artificial intelligence replace humans: 5 professions that may not be in 5 years’ time

Вплив штучного інтелекту на професії

In the era of rapid technological advancement and artificial intelligence, the question of whether computers and robots can replace humans in the workplace is increasingly being discussed. There is an opinion that a range of professions may become obsolete within the next 5 years due to automation and the development of artificial intelligence. Let’s consider 5 professions that may undergo significant changes or even lose relevance in the near future.

Factory Worker

Many factories already use robots in production. Artificial intelligence enables these robots to perform complex tasks without human involvement. Given current trends, automation could significantly increase within 5 years, potentially leading to a reduction in the number of factory worker jobs.

Supermarket Cashier

With the growth of online shopping and the implementation of self-service in supermarkets, the role of a cashier becomes less crucial. Product recognition systems and automatic payments could greatly reduce the need for cashiers in stores.

Delivery Driver

The development of autonomous vehicles could lead to the obsolescence of the delivery driver profession. Self-driving technologies and GPS systems would enable vehicles to make deliveries without human intervention.


Thanks to the advancement of artificial intelligence, increasingly intelligent virtual assistants are being created that can perform routine tasks such as sending emails, answering calls, and scheduling meetings. This could lead to a decreased demand for secretaries.

Financial Analyst

Many companies already use intelligent systems to analyze financial data. Artificial intelligence can provide more accurate and faster analysis than humans. This could lead to changes in the requirements for financial analysts and a reduction in their numbers.


The future of work depends on the development of technology and artificial intelligence. While some professions may become obsolete within 5 years due to automation and the expansion of artificial intelligence, it also creates new opportunities for the development of other industries. People may shift to more creative and intellectual tasks, using technology as tools to reach new heights in their professions.