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Gas electricity generator

Газовий генератор електрики

A gas electricity generator is significantly less susceptible to internal corrosion than a diesel or gasoline generator. At the same time, the equipment complex can be overloaded with difficult substances, which can simply fail and affect the overall reliability of the equipment. Gas power generators help save money while operating uninterruptedly.
The gasoline engine and single-phase alternator are built into the tubular frame of the machine using anti-vibration dampers.
Single- or two-cylinder 4-stroke gasoline engines HONDA air-cooled, 3000 rpm, OV, with V-shaped cylinder arrangement. Manufactured in Japan.

HONDA gasoline generators are contactless single-pole synchronous devices with compound regulation of the output voltage of this brand. They have 2 single-phase sockets; monophase thermal switch; rechargeable battery and battery in power plants with manual and electric start. We recommend that you pay special attention to the Daewoo GDA 3300 generator model.

Unlike diesel electric generators, gasoline generators are used, as a rule, when there is a long power outage. Traditionally, a conventional gasoline electric generator can operate as a continuous and main source of electricity for 4–15 hours, depending on the capacity of the device’s fuel tank. Let us also turn our attention to the working resource – it is at least a quarter more than that of gasoline and diesel models.

Generator Honda EP 2500 CX:

  • Type – single-phase and inverter
  • Maximum power, kVA – 3.36
  • Rated power, kVA – 2.92
  • Frequency, Hz – 78
  • Rated voltage, V – 215/11.5
  • Rated current, A – 12.33
  • Degree of protection – IP 26
  • Connectors – 4 protected sockets

You should not combine or connect the exhaust gases of a diesel power plant engine with chimneys or exhaust systems of other devices. The general use of drainage systems is possible if the service engineer makes sure that there is no mutual influence of the equipment.

Specifically, due to its environmental friendliness, such equipment is now widely used abroad, especially in “environmentally friendly” countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the south of the USA, where it is necessary to ensure an efficient, environmentally friendly energy supply.