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Types of baby strollers

Різновиди дитячих колясок

Young parents very often wonder what kind of stroller they should choose for their child. Stop your choice on a stroller-cradle, buy a stroller or even a transformer? This question is best answered when you know all the features of the types of strollers, their characteristics and purpose. The country of origin is also important. In this article we will understand the types of strollers and consider the models of specific companies.

Carrycot stroller (Inglesina Sofia)

This stroller is ideal for newborns. Based on the name, it is clear that the cradle is a small box with a hood, which quickly folds and unfolds. Thanks to the true Italian quality, the strollers of this company can easily withstand the operation of several children. Therefore, even if the price of a new stroller is too expensive for someone, they can buy it from their hands.

The advantage of this stroller is the quality of construction. Comfortable large wheels are able to overcome any obstacles, whether it be slush, snow, puddles, snowdrifts, dirt. The cushioning system, thought out to the smallest detail, allows you not to disturb the baby during a walk.

The cradle can be removed, which is especially convenient when visiting the clinic. In addition, many parents use the carrycot as a car seat when transporting in the car.

The fabric from which the walls are made is easy to wash, while it will not shed and will not lose its original qualities.

Among the disadvantages is the short period of use of the stroller. But not because the quality of the materials is poor, but because the child grows up quickly. The stroller can be used for a maximum of one year. After that, the baby is already starting to sit, which means that a recumbent stroller is not suitable for him.

Stroller(Carolina Yukon)

A very comfortable model for children who are already starting to sit and walk. The stroller is equipped with a crossbar that prevents the child from falling out. There is a special stand under the baby’s legs.

All parts of the stroller can be washed with soap and fabrics can be washed.

The stroller is manufactured in Canada. Unlike Europeans, Canadians design strollers for both winter and summer. In Europe, winter as such does not exist. The vehicle perfectly overcomes snowdrifts, dirt.

Disadvantages: the stroller cannot be used for newborns, as this type is designed for seated children. In addition, many parents note that during operation the stroller was often taken to the side. However, this disadvantage is easily eliminated if all the bolts are tightened.