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Asynchronous electric motors and their repair

Асинхронні електродвигуни та їх ремонт

Today, asynchronous electric motors are the most common electric machines. Due to their simplicity and high reliability, they are actively used to implement various drives in various devices and mechanisms. About 60% of all electrical energy produced in the world is transformed into mechanical energy precisely with the help of asynchronous motors. However, like any other piece of equipment, electric motors wear out. In order for the repair of asynchronous electric motors not to become relevant for you as long as possible, it is necessary to follow some rules for its care. Pay attention to the following circumstance: the direction of its rotation must be marked on the engine (and on the mechanisms that work from it). Trying to start the engine “in the wrong direction” is one of the most common reasons for equipment failure. Preventive supervision of the operation of the asynchronous motor should include:

  • Regular cleaning of the engine from dust and other technical pollution;
  • Control of the absence of water on the surface of the engine or inside;
  • Motor load control (work “for wear and tear” with extreme loads is another popular reason for failure of electric motors);
  • Monitoring the temperature of bearings (this can be done both manually and with the help of thermometers) and cooling air;
  • Controls the vibration level. Increased vibration can be a symptom of various malfunctions, particularly severe ones. Prompt response to this factor can significantly simplify further repairs (or make them cheaper).

If the engine is in reserve and not in use, it should be regularly inspected and periodically started to check operation. A separate important point in engine maintenance is checking the insulation and reliability of contacts. Insulation damage and unreliable contacts pose a threat not only to the equipment itself, but also to personnel. Asynchronous electric motors must be repaired by qualified specialists. If there are none among your staff, the engine can easily be given to a specialized company. It is not recommended to entrust this issue to a full-time electrician (provided that this is not his specialty).