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Shaped products with polyurethane foam insulation: types and purpose

Фасонні вироби з ППУ ізоляцією

Tees and bends are shaped products that are indispensable in the construction of pipelines for various purposes. They are used in places where the main line changes direction, branches, decreases or increases in diameter, or connects to additional branches or equipment. Shaped products are represented by a wide group of elements. These are not only bends and tees. This includes shut-off valves, additional protective devices, end and intermediate parts, and compensators.

Insulated shaped products

Today, shaped products in polyurethane foam insulation are the most widely used. Additional protection is necessary for elements that are part of heating mains and hot water supply lines. It performs several important functions:

  • Reduces heat losses;
  • Prevents moisture penetration;
  • Protects against mechanical stress;
  • Increases the service life of the pipeline.

There are two types of protection for shaped products – polyethylene and galvanized steel shells. The same production methods are used in the production of tubular products.

Classification of fittings in polyurethane foam insulation

Based on their purpose and design, shaped products in polyurethane foam insulation are classified into separate categories:

  • Tees and branches of tee type. Used to connect a pipeline line to side pipes located at an angle.
  • Transitions and branches. They are used to change the direction of pipelines and to connect pipes with different diameters.
  • Compensators, supports. These devices protect pipelines from stress.
    End and intermediate parts equipped with SODK leads. These are special shaped products for a narrow purpose. They are used when connecting devices responsible for monitoring the physical state of insulation. It is worth noting that the use of such devices is an expedient solution.
  • Electronic monitoring devices are capable of accurately identifying locations of leaks, damage, deformations and other defects.
    Shut-off valves. This group includes ball valves, tees with air vents.

Shaped products are selected taking into account the characteristics of the pipeline. Their insulation should be similar to the type of pipe protection. This choice will ensure the durability and efficiency of the system, its excellent performance.