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Contact lenses for summer holidays

Контактні лінзи для літньої відпустки

Self-isolation and pandemic are receding and summer resorts are already packed, right up until September. Holiday time is already in active mode and along with how to spend this time more interestingly, there are also less emotional questions about saving one’s health. One such sensitive issue is the safety of your eyesight from the cruel effects of sunlight. Experienced specialists of OptikalNet optical salon will tell you how to choose contact lenses for your holiday.

Protection against UV rays

It is important to remember the harmful effects of ultraviolet light on the visual organs. It is extremely destructive for those with light-coloured eyes in particular. Contact correction products with a UV filter can help to minimise this harmful effect. These CLs can be found in the assortment of the vast majority of manufacturers of such optics: Alcon, Johnson & Johnson, Adria, ACUVUE.

When it comes to correcting vision, you should pay your attention to some models that have an inbuilt UV filter.

  1. One-day CL: 1-Day ACUVUE TruEye, 1-Day ACUVUE Moist, MyDay.
  2. Fortnightly: Acuview Oasis, Acuview 2.
  3. Monthly: Maxima 55 UV, Biomedics 55 Evolution UV.
  4. Quarterly wearers: Adrea Season.

Also, if the description of the product contains such an obbreviation as UV, such glasses are also suitable. This designation indicates that the product has a UV filter.

Attention. It should be remembered that contact correction does not protect the entire iris, but only a part of it.

Contact lenses for lovers of outdoor activities

Holidaying by the pool, near the hotel is not to everyone’s liking. Someone wants to be closer to nature. And in nature, as we know, it is not always possible to find conditions for proper care of the eyes.

If you are a connoisseur of long hikes and sitting by the fire, then contact correction products of prolonged wear will suit you. Such as Air Optix Night Day Aqua. By choosing this model, you can keep your lenses on at night. You can wear them for up to 30 days continuously. Due to the smoother surface, these products are protected from contamination without the need for maintenance throughout the entire period.