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Indians have created a new “smart” a device for measuring blood sugar

Індійці створили новий «розумний» пристрій для вимірювання рівня цукру в крові

Determining the sugar level can also be interesting for people who monitor their health, diet and are actively involved in sports.

The Indian company Cooey from Bangalore recently announced the creation of a device for measuring blood sugar levels. And although a similar class of devices (they are called glucometers) is widely represented on the market, the developers claim that their new Smart Glucometer has an important advantage, which is that it can be connected to a smartphone through a standard headphone jack. This solves two problems at once. First, the Smart Glucometer does not need batteries, as it is powered by a smartphone. And secondly, all data from the device is stored in a special mobile application Diabetes, Blood Pressure & Wt. So far, this application is only available for the Android operating system, but work is currently underway to create a version of the application for iOS.

The approximate price of the device is about $ 44. This amount includes 50 disposable strips ($ 21), which are used to determine the level of glucose.

The Cooey company offers other devices for measuring important health parameters – scales Cooey WBT1-357-B Wireless Body Fat Analyzer for bioimpedance analysis, which allow you to determine not only weight, but also the total amount of fat, muscle mass and the amount of fluid in the body, as well as a device for measuring pressure WHT1-808-B1 Wireless Bp Monitor with a special system that allows you to detect arrhythmia. Information from all these devices is collected in the aforementioned mobile application Diabetes, Blood Pressure & Wt.

It is worth noting that there are many portable devices on the market of health gadgets that allow you to monitor changes in the state of your body using applications on a smartphone. So, for example, “clever” the thermometer not only measures body temperature, but also gives valuable treatment recommendations, and the portable tonometer will monitor how the rhythm of life affects the state of the body and will allow those who have problems with pressure drops to keep their health under control.