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How Not to Make a Mistake When Choosing a Driving School

Як не помилитися у виборі автошколи

When it comes to choosing a driving school, many people consider attractive prices and proximity to be the deciding factors. This approach is extremely incorrect. Driving schools that intentionally advertise low training costs simply lure people in and then surprise them with a reduced number of practical lessons or additional paid services. Such driving schools undermine trust in professional institutions, of which there are many in Ukraine.

The road is not the best place to learn from your mistakes, as it comes at the cost of human lives. So how can you tell if the driving school you’ve chosen in the center of Kiev is genuinely good and capable of providing all the necessary skills for safe driving?

Main Criteria for Choosing a Driving School

How Not to Make a Mistake When Choosing a Driving School

Clean Reputation

Before enrolling in classes, make sure that the institution has a license. A driving school has no right to refuse to provide this document.

It’s also a good idea to search for reviews online and ask acquaintances. Interestingly, sometimes negative reviews can work in favor of the institution. For example, if graduates complain that instructors are excessively strict and principled with careless learners. Unlike examiners, the road does not allow retakes.

All Inclusive?

Fierce competition forces some driving schools to resort to somewhat misleading advertising. The cost is the first thing people pay attention to when searching. However, before being swayed by an attractive price, it’s important to clarify what’s included in it. For example, the declared amount may not cover gasoline or the full extent of the lessons.

Additional Services

Some institutions offer organized medical examinations and additional practical lessons with an instructor beyond what is specified in the legislation.

Among the extended services, there may be crash course preparation and training in extreme driving. If a person already has good driving skills, this offer could be beneficial. However, in Kiev, one such session may cost around 1,000 hryvnias.

Instructor’s Work

The institution’s reputation largely depends on the professionalism of the people working there. An instructor should not only know the traffic rules, convey information effectively, and be able to drive a car but also be demanding and prepare considering all the nuances of exam questions.

It’s a significant advantage if theory lessons are conducted using interactive learning and computer technologies.