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What do you need to know about wheels so you don’t regret your choice?

Що потрібно знати про колеса

The wheels serve many functions: style, safety, maneuverability, durability. The appearance of the product reflects the taste, wealth, and social status of the car owner. High-quality products used as intended save fuel. These devices provide comfort for the driver and passengers.

How are car wheels constructed?

The construction consists of a wheel rim and rubber tire. The rim serves as the framework and transitional link between the vehicle hub and the tire. The tires have the following functions:

  • Ensure a reliable grip of the car on the road surface;
  • Dampen vibrations;
  • Channel water and protect the contact surface from damage;
  • Overcome obstacles;
  • Bear the weight of the vehicle, cargo, and passengers.

Air valves are considered auxiliary components of the wheels. When subjected to maximum loads, the tire pressure decreases. The valve is used to maintain stable gas parameters. The numerical values are indicated in the vehicle’s passport (as applicable). If the pressure does not meet the recommendations, the owner inflates the air between the rim and the tire.

What components make up tires?

The tire of a car wheel is a composite structure. In its standard configuration, it consists of:

  • A carcass (cord);
  • A rubber shell (tread);
  • Side walls and lateral parts.

The cord covers the entire surface of the tire. The material can be metal, nylon, or nylon. Depending on the arrangement of the fibers, there are diagonal and radial tires. The direction of the cord affects durability.

Radially arranged tires wear out less. As tests show, these products have lower fuel consumption.

The tread is responsible for the integrity of the wheel’s working area and the operational parameters of the vehicle:

  • Maneuverability;
  • Safety;
  • Load capacity;
  • Off-road capabilities;
  • Repairability;
  • Capability to:
  • operate in different climatic zones;
  • drive on asphalt, concrete, and dirt roads.

When buying tires or wheels as a set, the composition and hardness of the rubber, the pattern and depth of the tread, the proportion of the cord in the total mass, weight, and dimensional characteristics are taken into account. Given the peculiarities of the Ukrainian climate, cars are “re-shoed” in summer and winter.

To prevent the wheels from deforming, products are stored on special racks in the garage. Alternatively, service centers offer a service to protect the products during the off-season.

How to choose rims for car wheels?

Safety in driving and regular expenses (for fuel, spare parts) depend on the weight and strength of the products. The heavier the vehicle is loaded, the faster the components and assemblies wear out, especially when driving in extreme conditions.

When choosing rims, consider:

  • The shape, location, and dimensional parameters of the coupling points;
  • The manufacturing method;
  • Aesthetic appeal;
  • The presence of protrusions (humps).

Advantages of cast wheels include low weight. Stamping is cheaper. For prestigious car brands, forged wheels are a must-have accessory.