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Breakdowns and repair of motor grader engine

Поломки та ремонт двигуна автогрейдера

D3 98 motor grader engine is a reliable and durable mechanism. But when the equipment is used under increased loads and under the influence of adverse external factors, it quickly breaks down, losing productivity and efficiency. That is why special attention should be paid to this unit when servicing equipment.

Malfunctions and signs of equipment failure

The engine of the motor grader is the main element of the fuel and energy system of the vehicle, which is intended for the conversion of fuel into mechanical energy for its subsequent transmission to the wheels and other elements of the undercarriage, setting the machinery and its working bodies in motion.

High temperature, mechanical and chemical external impact is the reason for the failure of the motor grader. The following elements of the power unit are most prone to wear:

  • Valves;
  • Bearings;
  • Crankshaft;
  • Pistons and cylinders;
  • Piston rings.

It is these parts of the heavy motor grader that fail first. Since the service life and performance of the equipment depend on their condition, it is important to carry out their comprehensive inspection, diagnostics and preventive maintenance of the motor grader in accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations.

The average service life of the DZ 98 heavy grader engine is 150-250 thousand. km run After its development, there is a decrease in the operational characteristics and power of the power unit.

Symptoms of engine failure:

  • Extraordinary sounds during operation;
  • Low compression in the cylinders;
  • Increased fuel consumption;
  • Unstable operation of the engine;
  • Increased heating during operation;
  • Excess gas in the crankcase of the unit;
  • Contamination of candles;
  • Low oil pressure;
  • Mechanical breakdowns.

Depending on the nature of the damage, current and capital repairs are distinguished. To restore and repair many components, a complete disassembly of the grader engine is required. To repair equipment during the official warranty period, only original components should be used. After its completion, in order to save money, it is possible to install analog spare parts, but only from verified suppliers.

When purchasing components, check whether the seller has quality certificates and licenses. When repairing the fuel system, you should not save on spare parts, since the installation of untested components can lead to a serious breakdown of the equipment, its complete failure and expensive repairs in the future.