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Massaging a baby

Як зробити масаж малюкові?

Baby massage stimulates your baby’s development and makes it easier for him or her to fall asleep. The soothing touch of the parents also strengthens the bond with the baby. Abdominal massage helps relieve gastrointestinal discomfort. See how to massage your baby step by step.

Baby massage – why is it important?

Studies show that babies (especially premature babies) who receive therapeutic massage develop better. Massages stimulate the nervous, respiratory, circulatory and circulatory systems. Baby massage promotes growth and weight gain.

Appropriate abdominal massage techniques also help with “colic” ailments. This touch strengthens the relationship between parents and children. It makes the baby more relaxed and has less trouble falling asleep.

Massage to a baby has a positive effect on adults as well. Massaging the baby helps the mum overcome “baby moping” and postpartum depression. On the other hand, dads who regularly massage their baby are less stressed, have greater self-esteem and create a strong bond with their child.

How do you massage your baby?

  • Choose the right moment. Massage should be done when you are calm. Nothing should distract you: not your phone or lunch. The baby should be rested and well-fed. However, massage of a full tummy is not recommended. A good time for massage is after a bath, when you want to soothe your baby before bedtime.
  • Choose a suitable place. The room should be quiet and warm (about 23 degrees C). You can dim the lights and play soft music to “cheer up” and help your baby calm down.
  • Natural massage oils. Use natural oils (such as sweet almond) or olive oils adapted to your baby’s age. Warm the oil in your hands before use. See how sweet almond oil works on the skin.
  • Location. Massage can be done on a changing table, bed or other comfortable surface. Place the baby on a nappy or blanket. The baby should be naked (no nappy).

How do you massage your baby safely?

There are many different techniques. You can massage almost any part of the body. Lay your baby on his back and start by gently massaging his head, making small circles. After that, you can move on to the chest and abdomen.

Make circular movements from the centre of the body to the sides. Roll out the baby’s legs and arms, gently running your hands over the extremities. Then put him on his tummy and massage his back in a circular motion. You can also start with the limbs. In fact, after a while you will notice what your baby likes best and it is worth starting the massage with what gives him the most pleasure.

The massage should be done gently but ‘firmly’ so that it doesn’t tickle. In fact, your baby will definitely let you know if he or she likes it. You don’t need to know any special massage techniques. However, sometimes it is worth taking advice from specialists, such as a paediatrician.

One increasingly popular massage method is the Shantala massage. This Indian method is performed in a traditional sequence. First massage the chest, arms, abdomen, legs and feet. Then the spine and back, and finally the face. Do everything slowly and rhythmically, keeping your hands on the baby’s body.

You can even massage your baby several times a day. It should not take more than 5-10 minutes. If the baby becomes restless, stop.

How to massage the baby’s tummy?

Anti colic massage for newborns is a recognised method of dealing with gastrointestinal ailments of the very young. How to massage your baby’s tummy to avoid hurting him?

Studies show that any posture in which the baby’s tummy is slightly squeezed helps to fight colic. That’s why it’s worth putting him on his tummy, wearing a sling.